Our Rods

BLANKS   The J. Nicholl Fly Fishing Co. wouldn’t build a rod that we wouldn’t fish, ourselves.  Countless hours and days have been spent fishing a variety of blanks and components and we are pleased to offer you only the best.  That’s why we came up with a spectrum for our fiberglass rods.  We have super fast S Glass blanks all the way down to slow E Glass.
Once you’re confident in what size rod you need for a given situation, then you’ll have to decide what action you need.  And that’s where we come in!  We’re happy to help you.  If you’re transitioning from graphite rods, a faster fiberglass rod is an easy choice because it’s faster, yet offers the same benefits of a glass rod.  You will, of course, need to get used to the feel of the fiberglass rod but spending some time practicing is never a bad thing.
We are proud to offer builds on Lamiglas, Blue Halo, Swift (Epic), Thomas and Thomas, Orvis, and Steffen Brothers fiberglass blanks.  We do have access to countless others so if you’re looking for something specifically, don’t hesitate to contact us.

GRIPS    There are a number of choices that aren’t always offered by factory rods.  The handle has to be comfortable to you or you won’t want to fish the rod.  Regardless of the style, the cork we use is directly from Portugal with minimum fillers used.  We get asked quite a bit about which “grade” we use.  This is a subjective scale and the distributors don’t have uniform criteria.   How can we ensure the grip will last?  We look at the middle of the cork rings.  The more gaps apparent means the more filler we have to use. Conversely,  less gaps in the cork means the it will withstand years of use.
Just about any reel seats out there do a great job.  They range from simple cork inserts with two bands holding the reel by friction to the most intricate inlaid hardwood inserts possible.  Our great selection of seats means they will achieve the desired look of the customer while adding minimal weight to the butt end of the rod.


COMPONENTS   Snake guides, tip tops, hook keepers, thread, winding checks, and epoxies all come together to make a rod.  We only use quality Snake Brand components that have proved to set the industry standard.  The vast majority of major fly rod manufacturers use Snake Brand guides and hook keepers on their mid-priced rods and up.  There’s a reason, they are pleasing to the eye, line flows through them effortlessly, and they are tough as nails. Depending on the desired look, FishHawk and YLI Japanese silk threads are used to create a translucent look on the guide wraps.  Where nylon thread is preferred, we use Fuji Ultra Poly.  To hold everything in place, we chose ThreadMaster color preservers, epoxy, and rod finish. 


CRAFTSMANSHIP and WARRANTY    The best materials mean nothing if they aren’t properly assembled. Rest assured when you get a new rod, it is assembled with the utmost care using the best practices that experience has proven.  You’ll be enjoying your custom rod for many years to come as will your children and children’s children.
There is nothing worse than being on a trip of a lifetime and having something gear-related prevent you from getting out on the water.  It is equally as frustrating when a personal best fish is on the end of your line and a rod breaks.  Special care is taken to ensure the best build practices are used to produce the strongest possible fly rod.  We stand behind the rods we build and want you to have peace of mind when purchasing from us that all of our components and craftsmanship are covered for the original owner for the lifetime of the rod.  Should any component fail during the normal course of use (to be determined by the J. Nicholl Fly Fishing Co.) simply pay the shipping cost to send the rod back to us and we will make the necessary repair and send it back as soon as possible.  It’s that easy. Car doors, ceiling fans, nieces, nephews, dogs, etc. can all accidentally destroy rods.  It happens.  We want you to get back on the water as quickly as possible.  While accidents aren’t covered under our warranty, we can get you fishing again without the burden of paying the entire price of a new rod.  For the cost of components, we are happy to fix your rod at our cost and not a penny more.