Ordering and Pricing

  • How much do rods cost?    We can build a rod that suits any budget.  Typically rods start at $300 and go up from there.


  • How long does it take?  Once all of the components are at our disposal, it takes approximately one week from the beginning to when your rod arrives at your door.  There are always exceptions but this has been our average turn-around time.


  • What if I break a rod?    Don’t worry, we have a warranty that covers parts and labor.  Aside from that, repair is done quickly and at our cost so you can get on the water.


  • I have a blank already. Can you use it to complete a rod for me?   Absolutely, we can.  Build costs begin around $300 and go up from there depending on the desired components.


  • Do you only build fiberglass rods?    We pride ourself in building fiberglass fly rods and have blanks in stock.  However, they may not be for everyone and that’s ok.  If you’d like a graphite rod, get a hold of us and we’ll make it happen.


  • I’m ready for my rod to be built.  What’s the process?     Each build starts the same; with exceptional customer service.


  • Use the form below to get a hold of us.   A builder will contact you once we know you’re interested.  We will discuss and make recommendations based upon your needs.  Through email we will show you all available options as far as blanks, components, designs, etc.  When the final decision is made, you will be invoiced for exactly 1/2 of the purchase price of the rod and upon receipt of payment, materials are compiled and the build begins.  The best part? You’ll be kept in the loop and photos will be sent showing progress.  When the rod completion is near, you’ll notified and invoiced for the balance of the rod price.  When we receive payment, your rod will ship via the United States Postal Service fully insured with tracking information.

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